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  • The Air Deflector enhances the purging operation.
  • The mouthpiece is fixed to the Air Deflector.
  • The position of the Twin Elliptical Purge Valve helps the purging operation.


The Aqua Lung Aquilon Flex is a well-made, semi-dry snorkel. Designed to stop you getting a mouth full of seawater the Aquilon features a splash guard, purge valve and Air deflector.

The Splash Guard on the top deflects and prevents water splashing in as you swim at the surface. The air deflector ensures that any water that gets into the system goes into the water trap and not your mouth. As you exhale, the purge valve automatically expels the liquid for quick, painless clearing on the snorkel.

The Aquilion Flex snorkel uses the same mouthpiece found on Aqua Lung’s high end regulators. This comfortable mouthpiece provides support across your palate so you don’t need to clench it. The result is superior comfort and less fatigue on your jaw allowing you to get out and enjoying your snorkelling for longer.

Available in a selection of vibrant colours you can match up the Aquilon with the rest of your kit. It looks great!

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Black, Blue, Hot Lime, White


The Air Deflector enhances the purging operation, sending water through the tube and outside the snorkel.
The mouthpiece is fixed to the Air Deflector, which means no more rigidity in the mouthpiece base. Benefits: less jaws fatigue, more comfort.
The position of the Twin Elliptical Purge Valve (vertical) helps the purging operation if the diver’s head is both face down or standing in a vertical position.
Hose Joint Rotation Dry System – Thanks to an O-ring and designed parts, the frame of the mouthpiece holder can rotate around the barrel. The diver can adjust the correct inclination. It allows a perfect and customised fitting avoiding any bother.
100% Anatomic Silicone mouthpiece.
Bi-material corrugate made of a PP compound and TPR, which does not crush or deform.
D-shaped barrel – a flat, rather than round, face sits against the skin for a better comfort.
Polycarbonate Valve Shield with photoengraved finishing.
Bi-material (bi-colour) splashguard with side dry chamber for a faster cleaning. The top is made of a TPR soft material which is safe and harmless.
New fix clip with bigger section to ensure the snorkel is easy to put on and remove.


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