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  • Blade and Handle are made of 4mm thick, high rust resistant Titanium.
  • The handle is double wrapped in 5mm paracord.
  • The butt of the handle comes to a point for hammering, breaking and crushing.

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Fashioned from a single piece of 4mm thick Corrosion-free Titanium the Argonaut is born to take on anything you throw at it.

Nearly impervious to rust thanks to its titanium construction, the Argonaut blade is coated in black Electro Deposit Primer (EDP). This EDP further protects the blade from corrosion while itself being highly durable so the knife keeps looking like new even after years of tough dives.

The handle is double-wrapped in 5mm paracord to keep your hands comfortable, whether you’re wearing gloves or going barehanded. The Blunt Tipped version of knife provides you with a safety net by preventing you from piercing your BCD or dive suit with the tip. Conveniently the tip is ideal for prying actions or for using as a screwdriver. The long serrated edge makes hacking through rope or tough fibrous material a breeze while the conventional knife-edge lets you make slicing cuts. The butt of the handle features a hardened tactical tip for hammering with the knife

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Blunt Tip, Spartan Tip


Blunt-Tip – The tough blunted tip is ideal for prying, digging or hacking with the knife while protecting your from piercing your own dive gear.
Titanium Construction – The Argonaut knife is made corrosion-free titanium. Nearly impervious to rust, it’s also lighter than similarly sized steel knives.
Ultra-Stiff Throughout – 4mm of tough titanium throughout both the blade and handle of the knife ensures it has no structural weak points and provides exception stiffness for confident blade use.
EDP – Black Electro Deposit Primer further protects the knife’s titanium surface from corrosion or damage. This coating is also environmentally friendly
Comfortable Grip – The Argonaut’s handle has been double wrapped in 5mm paracord for a comfortable grip. The paracord is removable, ideal if you’re using the knife with bulky gloves.
Serrated Edge – The serrated edge allows you to easily saw through tough materials like rope.
Heavy-Duty Pommel – The bottom of the grip has been reinforced with titanium allowing it to function as hammer.
Locking Sheath – The sheath is made from 2mm thick, Kydex plastic. A simple locking mechanism helps keeps your blade secure. Grommets and strap holes ensure it’s easy to attach your knife to your arms or legs.
Rubber Straps – The Argonaut comes with 2 rubber straps so you can easily attach it to your legs or arms.


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