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The Apeks XL4+ is a compact and versatile regulator based on the original XL4 but it has been updated with an additional high pressure port and a stylish new colour.

The XL4+ is a lightweight regulator that lends itself to travel diving but it is also certified for cold water use so it also a great regulator for all environments.

The first stage uses the same over-balanced diaphragm design as found in the rest of the Apeks first stage and incorporates a heat exchanger for cold water performance and is also environmentally sealed to to help protect the internal components from freezing ice and contaminants. There are four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports to offer plenty of hose routing options and the ability to mount an analogue pressure gauge as well as a wireless transmitter.

The second stage is finished with a lightweight white body, satin metal components and a black mouthpiece and exhaust cover. The compact second stage features a balanced valve for excellent performance and smooth breathing, diver adjustable venturi control, a heat exchanger on the inlet for improved cold water performance, a compact exhaust tee and the Apeks comfo-bite mouthpiece.

The regulator includes a white braided low pressure hose.

The Apeks XL4 Octopus is the perfect match for the XL4 regulator and continues the lightweight, coldwater performance. The octopus packs all of the same features and specification of the primary second stage but is fitted with high visibility yellow front cover highlights, mouthpiece and hose.


The Aqua Lung Rogue is a lightweight, minimalist BCD with a modular design that makes it ideal for divers that struggle to find a BCD that fits them well. The Rogue has all the features any advanced diver would need but without the fuss that can unnecessarily bulk up a BCD.

The modular design of the Rogue allows shoulder straps, waist bands and backplate components to be swapped out for a customised fit, allowing up to 27 different size combinations to suit pretty much any diver. These pre-configured sizes are provide a good starting point but if you wanted to build a completely custom BCD from scratch you could do, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.

The Rogue has a 15L/35lb lift capacity, is fitted with Aqua Lung’s SureLock II weights, has two folding pockets, and four stainless steel D-rings.

If you have broad shoulders then you can connect large shoulder straps to a medium backplate and small waist. That way you don’t have to suffer a big baggy waist to allow for your larger shoulders. If you’re tall and skinny then you can fit a small shoulder strap and waist to a large backplate. The Rogue will literally change it’s shape to you so it you ever struggle with stock BCD sizes then this is the BCD for you.

On top of the modularity of the harness that can be customised to your shape the wing design of the Rogue gives you a sense of freedom in the water even when inflated. With the bladder behind you either side of the cylinder even if it’s fully inflated it can’t restrict your movement.

Becuase of the light, modular design the Rogue is great for the travelling diver. BCDs can be cumbersome and take up awkward space in your gear bag but he Rogue can be disassembled quickly and easily without any special tools.
Every part of the BCD can pack flat and because each part can be separated the whole thing can pack down into a small section in your bag.


Diving can be an exciting experience for first timers, but scuba divers must take essential accessories that help give you a safe and comfortable environment so your exploration of the ocean is perfect. The Apeks New Streamline Contents Gauge offers accurate pressure and provides you with information that lets you dive only till a limit where you can get back to the yacht safely.

The Apeks Streamline Contents Gauge has a range from 0 to 360 bar (metric) and includes a dial with large black digits written on a clear luminous background. It is easy to read even as you go deep in the water. It comes with an internal bourdon pressure measuring mechanism to give to clear information on the gas content of the cylinder you are using to breathe air.

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